A Curious Palate is a celebration of delicious food, simple gatherings, and small pleasures  – a Friday night supper, the harvest from a backyard garden, a neighborhood restaurant, or a local market, which may be close to home or thousands of miles away.  It's about tasting, experimenting and sharing the most savory bits of life.

I owe my love of food and cooking to my mother, who encouraged me at an early age into the kitchen and who happily ate whatever I concocted.  (I later realized that she was secretly plotting to abdicate her culinary responsibilities as soon as possible).  And to my father for always allowing me a small patch of his vegetable garden to plant what I wanted.  A few decades and countless dinner parties later, I still love playing in the kitchen and the dirt and trying out new things on my guests.  I especially love recreating favorite dishes I've enjoyed abroad.  

I hope you'll discover some moments of inspiration here and that you will weave them into your own food journey.

- Michael Mosca