Golden Gazpacho and Quinoa Burgers

Here's a really refreshing gazpacho that  I've made several times so far this summer using whatever tomatoes are freshest from the green market or garden.  This time  I used Sun Gold tomatoes, yellow peppers and cucumbers from my garden, and served it as a first course, garnished with thinly sliced cucumbers, in short glass tumblers.  I recommend a food processor over a blender, and I always strain the mixture to get a really smooth consistency.

  Gazpacho with Sun Gold Tomatoes

Gazpacho with Sun Gold Tomatoes

   Q uinoa and Greens Burgers

Quinoa and Greens Burgers

These burgers, also a NY Times recipe, are a tasty and healthy option to beef.  If you aren't strict vegan, I suggest adding the egg (and maybe two) to the mixture so that the burgers hold together when cooking.  Consider serving over a bed of greens an an entree or as a side dish alongside fish, because they will be too crumbly for a bun.